Boomershoot prep and Xenia’s birthday

A very busy day for me.  I picked up Ry shortly after 0800 and went to the Taj Mahal to clean up the mess after the last Boomershoot, do inventory, and prepare for the next one.  Mice had destroyed a few minor things and made a mess.  I killed four of the eight we saw with my (gloved) hands by throwing them against the ground then stomping on them.  Ry was concerned I would injury my knee or something because of the vigor with which I stomped on them.  I also ended up killing a dozen or so yellowjackets that swarmed around us.  Very annoying.

We at lunch at Mom and Dad’s and said hi to Doug.  Mom gave me some cucumbers and a couple cards for Xenia (who turns 16 tomorrow).  We borrowed a few things and went back to work.  We make a few targets for a Boomershoot Adventure for some friends at work who will be driving over next weekend.  We fixed up the geocache, It’s a Blast, that was falling apart, took things back to Dad and zoomed home just in time for Xenia’s birthday party.