If you are for gun control you are moderate

Talking about banning guns the news, not just commentary, describes anti-freedom lawmakers as “moderate”.  I’m reading Weapons of Mass Distortation by L. Brent Bozell II and reading the news now takes on a new light.  What he describes enabled me to see this stuff.  It just jumps off the page at me:

If there’s one issue on which Republicans usually agree, it’s their strong defense of the Second Amendment. But less than two weeks before the GOP convention, moderates and conservatives find themselves at odds over the soon-to-expire semi-automatic gun ban.

The news doesn’t talk about the Democrats being “divided“ or the Democrats opposed to gun control as being moderate or the gun banners as being extremists.

As I have been saying for years in general people want to be near “the center” in their beliefs.  If the perception is that banning guns is “moderate” then more people will adapt that position.  The news, not just the commentary, is incredibly biased to give an anti-freedom slant on nearly every issue.