Rolf and I shoot an ASI match

I invited Rolf to go to an ASI match with me and this morning he showed up at my house about 8:20 AM and I drove us the rest of the way to the Renton Fish and Game Club.

I expected with the weather on the cool side, threats of rain, and ammo shortages the number of people would be less than usual. I was wrong. 95 shooters showed up. There were 15 or 16 people on our squad. This makes the match longer than usual. One of the things I like about the ASI matches are that they are usually over by 12:30 or 1:00 and there is enough time left in the day to do other things. It was right at 2:00 PM before we were done. But having lots of shooters is a good thing for the gun culture, so I’ll stop whining about that now.

I first “met” Rolf on the email distribution list for the Microsoft Gun Club (now “The Gun Club at Microsoft). Later I met him in person at the Tuesday Night Pistol League at Weapons Safety, Inc. This was all stationary shooting at a stationary target. He has taken numerous courses from Insights Training, he has been participating and/or volunteering at Boomershoot for many years and I figured he had shot at least a few USPSA pistol matches or maybe a few IPDA matches. Nope. This was his first “action” shooting match.

Hmmm… Okay, well, I know he will do fine. I’ve seen him shoot pistol and revolver before (he used a .357 to shoot boomers at “entertainingly close” distances).

I took a few pictures of him at the match today and after reviewing them he said this is the best one:


“Always willing to lend a hand out”, he told me.

I’m inclined to think this one is better:


I told him I expected he would come in between the bottom third and the bottom half. After seeing him shoot the match I stood by the prediction.

Match results are here. He came in at the 32nd percentile, Very close to my prediction and excellent for a first time action shooter.

I had a couple mechanical malfunctions (and a couple mental ones as well). My powder puff loads failed to reliably cycle the action. The cool weather probably contributed to this. In the hot (for the Seattle area) summer the loads cycled the same gun just fine. I think I need to add another 0.1 of a grain to the load to make sure they work in the cooler weather. I probably could grip the gun tighter and make them more reliable but it would be better to increase the charge a little bit. This will allow me to use them with new shooters with reduced risk of them getting frustrated with the failures to extract and feed.


4 thoughts on “Rolf and I shoot an ASI match

  1. Way to go Rolf! Adding stress to shooting is one of the fastest ways of improving. Most excellent, Rolf and Joe!

    • Wasn’t much stress, really. It was mostly figuring out how to work the rules. Though I did think it was interesting that because of focus on targets and safety, I never once heard the time called out when I finished. I had zero idea what my time was. But my goals were modest – don’t do anything stupid or dangerous, don’t DQ, don’t be last- so I succeeded in meeting goals.

      Far and away my worst stages were the first two I shot (stage #5 & 6), where I got a combine total of 21 seconds of time penalty (out of a total of 35 for all six stages) because it hadn’t really registered that extra shots, if done fast and not put into a no-shoot, don’t cost much compared to a 5 second penalty for failing to hit the target because I am going just a little too fast. Slowing down a bit to aim carefully at smaller/more distant targets, or throwing several extra slugs out there to make sure I had them in the zero-time-penalty zone just on those two stages, would have improved by time by enough to move me up 20 spots to about 45th, or slightly above the 50% mark. If I could improve my accuracy / miss awareness slightly more and eliminate all time penalties, I’d improve to about 25th place or so.

      So, yeah, I need to learn how to game it a bit, but overall I have nothing to complain about.

      • Rob Leatham said shooting is simple, it’s just not easy. And doing what you just wrote while shooting is the thinker starting to work.
        Improvement can’t help but follow, friend.
        Like Josey Wales said. When you lose your head, and give up. You neither win, nor live. That’s just the way it is.

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