Rolf Nelson has a new book out

Rolf Nelson, of The Stars Came Back fame, has a new book out:

His blog post about it is here.

In an email he told me:

I just hit “publish” on another book, a YA book aimed primarily at boys / young men ages 10-18. Nominally S/F adventure  fiction. Same universe as my original story.

“Komenagen” is the name for a fictional future planet/nation’s “coming of age” trial/challenge.

Guns and shooting don’t really play a roll, but it definitely favors small government and personal responsibility.


One thought on “Rolf Nelson has a new book out

  1. Thanks, Joe.

    To be clear – the target demographic is boys and young men, but it’s also a critique of current school practices and bureaucratic culture, and is a good old fashioned adventure and growing up story that would likely be enjoyed by any traditional-ish minded man. I’m hoping to get it out in paper sometime soon (possibly by the end of the year) as well.

    Heretics of St Possenti will be hitting paper this month, too, for reasons that will become evident sometime within a year or so, I hope.

    I also expect to finally get the proper sequel to The Stars Came Back, titled Insanity’s Children, out this month, too. Just working on cover art. The first word in that one is “Grenade!”

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