USPSA Area 1 Championship

For the first time in over 20 years I’m attending a level III USPSA match. In two weeks I’m going to Bend Oregon to participate in the Area 1 Championship. This consists of 17 stages shot over the course of three days. At this level match you get to shoot some interesting/different/challenging stages.

Some of the stages have a western theme such as Wild West, Showdown, and Outhouse Slider:




But there is one stage of particular note. This will be the most interesting/different/challenging stage I have ever shot:



10 thoughts on “USPSA Area 1 Championship

  1. Interesting, T1-3 are labeled disappearing targets because you can’t move back to reengage them once cart moves? I’m guessing shooter decides when to release cart.

    Also looks like issue of 180 as you pass targets. What stops cart I wonder?

    • I have similar questions.

      I presume the shooter releases the cart. That might mean the shooter can use the same brake to stop the cart at any time or control it’s speed.

      It could be that the 180 is something other than perpendicular to the cart movement.

      • Well, if the midline of the range is not parallel to the cart movement, its because the diagram won’t match the setup.

        Stage designers that intentionally make you brush the edge of the 180 are a pet peeve of mine. I think the 180 rule is a safety item and should not be a competitive measure.

      • I omitted:

        Another point is that this stage is very much not balanced for right handed vs left handed shooters.

        • I don’t see this one as that bad. You don’t have to be running and reloading at the same time so you can just rotate your body in the seat and things should be close for either handed shooters. I’ve seen much worse.

  2. Well, good luck! Bend should attract some good shooters. All the best to you Joe!

    • Thanks.

      My goals are rather modest:

      1) Don’t get hurt or hurt anyone.
      2) Don’t get DQ’d.
      3) Don’t finish last.

      • I’m pretty happy when I meet those same goals these days ….

        I suspect you accomplish them more often than I these days.

        • Having good natured competition with like minded people. Enjoying yourself.
          That’s something the commies just don’t get. But that’s what 99% of firearms are used for, entertainment. The fact that you can use them to defend or feed yourself is just a big plus.

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