PCC Build Test Fire

Pistol Caliber Carbines are becoming very popular at both action shooting (such as USPSA) and steel matches. I haven’t taken much interest in them but I see a lot of people shooting them at the matches in the Seattle area.

Here son-in-law John shows us one in action:


4 thoughts on “PCC Build Test Fire

  1. They’re all in 9mm. Well, the vast, vast majority. Nine is fine, but I think in 10mm a PCC becomes something of a different, and better, i.e. more useful, class. It’s a caliber that’s still reasonably carry-able in an auto pistol while in a carbine it is a more viable big game or barrier punching cartridge.

    I’ve been wanting a 10mm carbine for a while, but the available options are now either one or two. I was very close to settling for the TNW recently, but thought better of it.

    It’s all opinion and personal choice of course, except for the facts.;

    The old U.S. Carbine, Caliber 30, M1 is both lighter and more powerful but it’s velocity means that it just begins to booger the steel targets at close range. If you want a gamer gun for steel, then the 9mm PCC is probably a very excellent choice. Once you step out of the game though, and the “bang-bang-bang-bang-bang-band-bang” on the steel, the 30 carbine has the advantages in carry weight and power.

    On the other hand; if your a fatty, or an old guy like I’ll be in a few years, you aren’t carrying much of anything for any distance anyway, so the notion of a practical fighting weapon isn’t much of a point. You aren’t lasting more than a matter of seconds in a fight because, weapons and martial skills notwithstanding, you aren’t physically capable.

    Unless you’re using the same loads from the same magazines, having a carbine in a caliber common to your handgun doesn’t really benefit you because you’re still segregating your ammo.

    I might could see switching to a Glock 17 or 19 someday, and getting a lightweight PCC that uses the same mags and the same loads. There is some logic behind it.

    • The gamer part is actually more practical than you might think. It means, with PCC division in USPSA, I have more competition events available to practice my carbine skills at.

  2. A 9mm carbine is something I want for several reasons. It’s fun, lightweight, and easy to shoot. Cheap ammo makes it the next logical step for the young shooters in my house.

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