The birds

Every few days I do a quick scan through all the images from the Boomershoot Live web cams. I’ve see quite a few deer (or the same deer many times) a coyote or two, a few birds (most notable this one), insects, etc. But the flock of birds that showed up a few days ago was unusual.

One minute there are none:


The next minute there is a big flock which stays for a couple minutes:



Then they are gone:



2 thoughts on “The birds

  1. I’ve wondered what was grown in that field. Is it always used for hay?

    • Yes. At least for the last 25 years or so.

      When I was in high school we had it in grain and legumes but with the poor drainage in spots it just didn’t do well. If the poor drainage areas were put in grass the remainder was such odd shapes and small that it would have been a pain to farm with the larger equipment. So Dad planted the entire 40 acres to grass and sold the hay.

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