Don’t do this at home

Via email from Sean who says

How Not To Do Boomershoot

Huffman’s first rule of recreational explosives:

Never put anything between you and explosives which a surgeon might be required to remove from your body.

Note that this guy didn’t move out of the way until after the debris hit the tree. This is typical. Even from very small charges, unless you are hundreds of yards away you won’t have time to move before impact.

Also from Sean is another example.


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    • Yeah, I saw that last year and I think I may have blogged about it but I can’t find it right now.

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  2. It appears that he had time to move if necessary. The video seems to be running at normal speed, judging by various movements (tree leaves and recoil, etc). Frankly, staying behind that tree looks to be the safest thing to do. Debris from the panel impacting the small tree next to him makes him jump out after the fact. Watching that panel sail toward the shooter must have been exciting for him.

    What is that panel? From the way it forms in response to air pressure, it appears to have a framework on the rear side.

  3. Someone did similar around here a few years back. I don’t remember whether it was a critical injury or a fatality. The county sheriff said the same thing; don’t put anything between you and the explosive.

    Ry and I once put a wee bit of boomerite in the bottom of a plastic cup, set it in front of a heavy plate of iron (about an inch thick and about 8″ x 8″) and set off the boomerite with a 5.56 mm round. That iron plate was found 85 yards away. Of course we had the boomerite between us and the iron.

  4. I wonder how far he was in the ” Holee S—” sequence when he realized something big was coming his way. I don’t think he made it to “S”, and if he even made it to “lee” is debatable.

    And it looks like FPS Russia used up all his good luck for many years. He should probably stop riding motorcycles, or skydiving, or whatever, and he definitely shouldn’t get married if he’s single now.

    • Either he or his partner was killed last year. Murdered, perhaps.

      • Well, that’s disturbing to hear. Maybe there was more to the Russian Connection than his viewers thought.

  5. What are the rules for recreational explosives?
    I like the Four Rules of Safe Gun Handling.

    Other than including Dirty Harry’s timeless “A man’s gotta know his limits,” which applies to almost all life’s endeavors, what are the compiled rules of the founder of Boomershoot, about things what go boom?

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