Boomershoot in the news

I suspect the Clearwater Tribune needed some filler so they wrote a short article based upon an ad I was running in their paper.

Barb and I were amused by this line:

There are over 1,000 of these targets, rigged with 1,500 pounds of explosives.

The targets are not “rigged with explosives”. The packaged explosives are the targets.


6 thoughts on “Boomershoot in the news

  1. A thousand targets at 1,500# each??!?!?! Holy ballsacks. Those are going to be some impressive explosions……

    • Yeah, it makes the earth shake.

      The ambiguity is amusing as well, but I gave them a pass on that.

      • I like my reading of it best. The idea of you making a million and a half pounds of explosives is giggle-inducing.

  2. Fake News!
    Seriously, that’s why it’s a good idea to take any news story you read with a larger-than-doctor-recommended grain of salt. One sentence, two errors (or an error and a very misleading turn of phrase) when both could be checked with a phone call or email.

  3. Sorry, but explosives are always rigged. Just like when a bus leaves the road, it always “plunges,” or when a wreck involves an SUV it is always the SUV that drove into the other car, all by itself, as if there were no driver. some things are just written that way every opportunity possible.

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