One of the things about making a movie is that you need actors. Once you have the script/story, you have to find people who have the appearance and skills to bring the character to life on the screen. You also need someone that is mentally stable enough to be reliable, which rules out a lot of the normal leftie applicants. Eventually we will need cast and extras, and expect to do most of the filming in the VA area. Anyone here from that area (or do you know anyone from that area) who fits any of these descriptions, or wants to sign up for being an extra when we finally get to filming?

Helton Strom, Captain: mid-late 30s, clean shaven with shortish hair, well built, ordinary looking, fit but not gym-rat buff. Somewhat sarcastic, but also genuinely funny. Somewhat modeled on Malcolm Reynolds from Firefly. Can do “serious” well. Lead character.

First Sergeant Harbin Reel: Indian/Sikh, late 40s, tough, buff, hard and intense looking, bearded. Must play the serious and hard-ass senior sergeant well, with occasional sly straight man humor; ideally be able to do an implied face-palm expressing deep disappointment while reclining in a sun-chair in a swim-suit. Looks like he can easily bench-press 250 lb.  #2 main character.

Col Lag: Clean shaven, mid 40s, very fit and solidly built, ready grin and cheerful, but also intense looking when needed, average height to tall, NOT a physical softy. No visible tattoos, scars OK. Serious military man, physically very capable (run / climb / jump / etc) or imposing, even if he’s not gym-rat buff.

SGT Kaushik: early-mid 20s, wiry Indian/Sikh soldier, smart/educated sounding.

CPL Kaminski: mid-20s, big, powerful, buff, Viking/Pole looking guy.

Kwon Fogel: 60s, mixed-race far easterner, slender, short, cheerful demeanor, comfortable around a stove or behind a bar.

Henery Stenson: late 40s, to early 50s; fit, short hair, average build. Soldier-ish guy who is a mechanical systems genius and ship’s engineer.

There are other men in the book, of course. If you’ve read it and think you could be any one of them, and you are in the area, let me know that, too.

Allonia: early 20s, cute, full-figured, cheery, warm and wholesome rather than sexy. Lots of dark hair and well-filled curves. Doesn’t look like a victim or a sheep. Allonia is the only female that gets any serious gun handling scenes, (or any partial and very brief above-the-waste nudity, whereupon you’d be acting suitably embarrassed, but we only get there  if we get much more than the bare minimum *ahem* budget). Main female #1 in terms of screen-time. Mostly very nice, welcoming, and sweet. Also a genetically engineered super-soldier, though not truly superhuman.

Quiritis: early-mid 30s, slender/angular build, shoulder-length, low-maintenance blond haircut, laconic speech but comes across as alert and acute, quick precise motions of an attack-ship pilot (which she is) rather than languid movement of a sexpot.

Bipasha: early-mid 20s, Indian/Sikh, beautiful and elegant, intense, does serious business-manager act well. Main female #2

LT Kat: late 40s, used to be very good looking and now a still-fit and good-looking gal, average build. Very sharp military lawyer.

Seraphina Fogel: Kwon’s wife, mixed race women in her 60s, serious but grandmotherly.

There are other women for smaller parts, of course. Let me know, as above.

Quinn, 5 year old boy. Energetic, intelligent, grubby, outgoing, enthusiastic, fit for age, good running/climbing ability.

The initial promo clip will also need two guys to play Privates Levin and Schumer, two long-time screw-ups who appear nowhere else in the story, but get some good “background exposition” lines in the early shooting. They are comic relief as much as anything, and likely don’t need advanced acting skills, though some would be really nice. You would get to see the main cast in person, and wearing swim suits (them, not you).

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  1. Can’t access the website from work. If you don’t have a shooting location drop me a note at my email slugged Stars Came Back. I might be able to get you on a large farm near Fredericksburg VA.

  2. that would be awesome we are definitely looking for locations especially farms, and even better one with a large barn. I leave not far from Fredericksburg, about an hour away.

  3. Should be seeing the owner this week. Would help to have an idea as to what exactly is needed, what the time frame would be, any other pertinent information.

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