6 thoughts on “Interview

  1. Nicely done. It sure makes me want your editors to keep making progress and get all those other books published.

  2. Yes, nicely done.

    One thing though – I tried to register at http://www.tscbmovie.com only to get a “Suspected bot” message. I wanted to get in early on sending you money to get this movie done. 🙂

    Is there anything that I need to do to get around the fence?

    • Hmmm… Not sure. It works fine for me. Maybe you have very high security settings, or your machine date is out of sync; have you white-listed it, or tried a different browser? Short version of the plan:
      Cast it, shoot a promo-trailer which should be super-cheap to do and will intro the cast, put that on the GoFundMe page, then make a big push to get people to sign up and at least push the initial donation there. If it goes well over that mark, we’ll likely set up an alternate funding method (like direct PayPal payments or something, to reduce the cut that GoFundMe takes (the get, I think, 5% off the top, I get a percentage of what’s raised after that). How we do things, and what exactly we do with it, depends on how much happens how fast. $2.5M calls for a different plan than $25k.

      Don’t worry; we’ll keep people posted when things get to that point. What with the possible shadow-banning now going on, it’ll be an interesting ride.

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