5 thoughts on “Ace of Spades handgun postal match results

  1. I. Have. Been. Robbed.

    Now I know how Bernie Sanders feels. Where’s my $600,000 lakeside dacha!?!?!!?!?

  2. A compendium of all of the match photos has been posted. Look at the top of the right sidebar on the Ace of Spades home page.

    https://www.flickr.com/photos/28635328@N00/albums/72157672321203293 (posted by AoS commenter “Danger Girl”.

    Damn good shooting too, Joe. Four perfect scores, as well as the fifth, being my “exhibition” score. Of about sixty entrants, that’s a good percentage of above-average accurate shooters.

    Next time around, I’ll adopt the rule that “X” hits have to score the “opposite” of the rest of the target, in that if an “X” hit touches the ring in any way, it’ll down-value to a “10” hit, and not an “X”.

    That would likely benefit shooters such as you, and “Smokestack” (the match winner) and me, but would have put the other two “perfect scores, down into “500 by (less than 50 X) territory.

    The takeaways that I hope a lot of people got from that fun little match, are these:

    * Even with a big ol’ B-27 target at a mere seven yards, fifty rounds will surely sort out a few of the shooters. A small number of accurate rounds can be fired, easily enough. But most people can’t consistently shoot that accurately, for that many rounds. And it showed.

    * Even with a non gun-centric blog like Ace of Spades, a sizeable degree of interest, turnout and participation in the shooting sports can be realized. I think that there’s some food for thought and commentary here, that the gun-blogs might want to chew on and figure out what all it might mean. Especially as it relates to helping build gun-blog awareness and readership. I don’t necessarily have answers, or even the right questions, but I think the success of the AoS Postal Match ought to help inspire, even if just a little.

    * Fun with the shooting thing, helps bring in the newbies. And THAT, needs to be writ large in many a sanctioning rulebook, etc. To be sure, there’s a place for grim-faced determination when santioned, registered scores, or even a championship is on the line.

    But there’s a need also, for formats where the newbie can shoot, even if not all that well, and get the patience, praise, encouragement and enthusiasm by which to *want* to keep trying, do better, and have even more fun in the process.

    On that last, I think the AoS Postal Match was the most successful. But, I’m glad you joined in and helped make it a CONTEST, too. Even the most fun and casual match needs the spark of challenge and competition, and you provided those both, in abundance.

    Hope to see you in any subsequent AoS matches, hopefully in the Spring!

    Sunk New Dawn
    Galveston, TX

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