Ace of Spades handgun postal match

Jim, Sunk New Dawn, Galveston, TX suggested I participate in the Ace of Spades “easy, fun handgun Postal Match”. I’m not sure where the postal part comes in but I participated.

I made a video of the shooting. But it was indoors and my video glasses have dark lenses. I couldn’t see the X-ring without an orange dot on the target.

Here is my entry (click for a larger view):


And zooming in:


I used my Ruger 22/45 Target Model pistol which helped at the beginning. Near the end (I also fired 170 rounds in practice) the muscles around my shoulders got tired. They started getting numb and I was shaking. I think the flyers in the image above were probably from the last magazine.


I used Federal, American Eagle, 38 grain copper coated hollow point ammo.

Here is the video to show that I fired all 50 rounds at the required range in the required time (30 minutes max, I used less than four):


23 thoughts on “Ace of Spades handgun postal match

  1. Well, you kicked my ass, you big jerk!

    I wish I’d thought of putting a contrasting sticker in the bullseye of mine. I think it would have helped me a bit.

      • No, my technological skills and assets are poor. I scored a 499/500 43x with my 22/45 and a 491/500 30x with my Ruger SR1911. Both, oddly, had a low-right flier into the 9 ring.

        And both, oddly, lost when my canoe capsized while I was returning from the range. I guess I should have insured them……

  2. And, if my history is correct, it’s called a “postal match” because we shoot at our leisure, and (e)mail the targets to the coordinator.

    Or, maybe it’s to keep us from going postal over all the corrupt politicians. I suppose you can have your own interpretation.

  3. What, you went postal!? Oh, you mean you mailed in your target. Ah. Much more reasonable.Good shootin’.

  4. The target has your name on it…

    “Stop shooting yourself, stop shooting yourself, stop shooting yourself,” in the same sing-song as “stop hitting yourself.”

  5. Joe, I’m honored that you joined in with the fun at AoS! I’ve got your target & score logged into the contest, so you’re in the mix.

    I’m just glad though, this one time, that your target didn’t go up in a huge orange fireball. *looks up with wary eye for falling anvil*

    Sunk New Dawn
    Galveston, TX

    • Jim, I mentioned this on the HQ, but I hope this is going the way you want. I think it’s a great idea, and I hope it’s not too big of a PITA for you to manage.

  6. Deplorable Chief…..

    I think we’re going to come in above 35, and maybe above 40 entries. That’s pretty good for a non-gun-centric blog, I think.

    Posting and collating the scores is the easy part.

    But I’m in the early stages of writing up the results thread, and copying people’s photos of targets and guns, in conjunction with their scores and screen nics, as well as some captioning, that’s taking some time.

    And of course, there won’t be any final results to write of, till the entry window closes this coming weekend.

    If this had been a gun-blogosphere-wide thread and contest, I think it’d end up being someone’s full time job.

    That said, I also think that the AoS Postal Match, as a “thing”, will only run twice per year. One, because with the success of this contest, the next could be a flood. Two, is to keep the interest, and “special-ness” level up, it has to be a bit scarce. Three, if it’s too frequent, people will burn out, dis-interest will pervade and it’ll fade to a lonely and forgotten death.

    So, like I’ve said all along. The AoS matches are for fun, meant to be accessible to everyone from newbie to expert, and giving enough challenge across the spectrum to be interesting and worth the effort.

    We’ve got the whole of the gun-blogosphere for more “expert” oriented matches. And glad of it, too.

    I just hope everyone shooting and reading has as much fun with it as was the intent from the start.

    Sunk New Dawn
    Galveston, TX

    • Excellent. I read a lot of gun blogs too (SHOCK!), but this is the first time I’ve had the guts to participate in a match. I don’t know why that is. I had fun doing it, and I look forward to the next one, whenever it will be.

      Oh, and I am suspect of Joe’s witness. I believe she is biased.

        • It was faked! The targets were photoshopped! There was an earthquake!! A TERRIBLE FLOOD!!!

          And furthermore, (and this just occurred to me), but poop on Jim for bringing in a ringer to post up a perfect score and ruin it for everybody else.

          I’m going to go eat worms.

          • I’m thinking you should get a special prize of a can of worms. Where would you like them shipped to?


  7. Dang it, I didn’t think we were allowed to change/enhance the target at all! Next time, maybe Jim should make it clear whether this is allowed or not. I shot my two entries with completely unaltered targets. While I’m not ashamed of my scores, you have nonetheless whomped my butt handily. Excellent shooting, sir. -Pat* in SW idaho

    • I ordered a new set of video glasses with clear lenses so I could see the target in the dim light and reshoot the target without the orange dot.

      The glasses arrived today but they were broken and I will have to return them. I can probably set up something with my handheld video camera on a tripod and reshoot if you would like.

      • Joe, when I wrote that, I wasn’t completely aware you were already a competition shooter. I am a complete amateur and this was my first competition of any kind. Despite crappy lighting at my indoor range, I shot a 491/13X in 16.5 minutes, and a 493/25X in 17.5 minutes. As I said, I don’t think these are scores an amateur should be ashamed of. But you don’t need to ask me about reshooting – that’s silly, I have no right to have any say whatsoever. It’s Jim who makes the rules. If he does run another match in 6 months or whenever, I’ll certainly think beforehand about what modifications I might want to make to my target, and ask whether they’re OK, before I shoot the targets. Meanwhile, you are an awesome shooter and I wish I was focused enough to put the necessary time, energy, and ammo money into practicing so I could shoot as well as you do. (I spent time this summer working through the NRA/Winchester self-guided program in the Pistol course of fire, but only got as far as achieving Sharpshooter. I’m already a Distinguished Expert for the Light Rifle Prone course of fire, and a Project Appleseed Rifleman. Being equally accurate with handgun is proving to be more difficult than I had anticipated.)

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  9. Correction, after looking back at my targets, since I shouldn’t misstate my scores: I shot a 488/13X and a 491/25x. On the 2nd target, I had one flyer in the 7 ring (horrors!) and I kept mentally adding back 2 points since that shot could have been a 9 (or 10) if I hadn’t lost focus for just one moment. It’s a testament to the excellent shooting of Ace’s readers that there were 13 scores of 500, 4 of them with 50X, and that my best score of 491, despite being only 9 points from perfect, was in the bottom half of the entries.

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