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I participated in the Whidbey Island match at Holmes Harbor Rod and Gun Club on Saturday. The ferry ride, as usual, was pleasant. I found Jeff at the same place on the ferry as last time and we talked as the ferry took us across the sound.WP_20160924_08_32_41_Pro

The weather was good, the stages were good, and my guns ran perfectly. But some of my shooting wasn’t as good as I hoped. Things just weren’t a smooth as they should have been. I had barely practiced in the previous couple of weeks. And that practice was only with the .22. In the Center Fire Iron sight division I came in second by 0.27 seconds.


The stage above was interesting. The start position for rimfire was with the gun pointed at the yellow stop plate. This is to make things just a little faster for what is already a very fast stage. Upon the start signal you fire two rounds at each of the white plates then one round at the stop plate. If you can get all five hits in 1.00 seconds or less they put your name on a plaque. Apparently it’s not horrendously difficult with open class rifles. The best I got was 1.81 seconds with an iron sighted pistol. I could do better if I worked on it for an hour, but I’m not sure I could do 1.00 or better.




The results:

Steve Mooney RF-RI-O 40.55
Jeff Kanter RF-RI-O 44.62
Jon Sletmoen RF-O 47.81
Jeff Kanter RF-O 48.17
Scott Bertino RF-RI-O 50.91
MAC RF-RI-O 51.39
JAY RF-RI-I 60.05
Joe Huffman RF-I 60.66
Mark Anderson RF-RI-O 61.80
Mark Anderson RF-O 65.48
Jim Dunlap RF-RI-O 68.31
Brian Lawson RF-RV-I 70.65
Steve Mooney CF-O 79.07
Jon Sletmoen CF-O 79.96
Bruce Barchenger CF-I 81.25
Joe Huffman CF-I 81.52
REV RF-O 82.16
Thomas Alldredge CF-O 91.83
Jim Dunlap RF-I 98.28
MAC CF-RV-I 102.18
Mark Anderson CF-I 102.29
Jeff Kanter CF-O 102.59
Jeff Sparks CF-I 106.08
LUC RF-I 107.91
Thomas Alldredge CF Strong 109.54
Justin Bonner CF-I 113.42
David Koch CF-I 113.64
Thomas Alldredge CF Weak 126.08
Mitchem CF-LR 127.86
LUC CF-LR 139.38

My average time per hit with RF-I was 0.6066 seconds and with CF-I was 0.8152 seconds. At the last match I shot here my average time per hit with RF-I was 0.6024 seconds. Last time with CF-I it was 0.8934 seconds with my old Ruger P89 and an IWB holster.


3 thoughts on “Steel match results

  1. You really should at least remove the last names of the participants because it’s really poor opsec and kind of rude to post a list of full names of people who own guns workout first getting their permission.

    • The club posts them on the web here. My removal of their names would do little to change the “outing” of gun owners.

      Also, there is the tradeoff of having more gun owners out of the closet being good for changing the culture to be more gun friendly.

      I understand your concern and have given the topic a fair amount of thought. I only post the names if they are already readily available to the general public on the web.

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