Skirt Club

This is interesting:

Attractive, open-minded women are secretly gathering to explore their sexual curiosities…with each other. It’s the epitome of the male fantasy but—sorry fellas—this club is strictly ladies only.

Billing itself as, “An underground community for girls who play with girls,” Skirt Club is quickly catching on. What began as one woman’s passion project to embrace sexual fluidity in the UK has expanded to Sydney, Australia, and Miami, Florida, in two short years.

Now, the club has come to New York City. 

I wonder if I could attend as a member of the media or a researcher…


5 thoughts on “Skirt Club

  1. Well, with one of the perversive current memes being: “Your sexual identity is what you proclaim it to be and subject to change without notice”, I guess anyone could attend.

    edit: But count me out.

  2. You should be able to go. Just claim you are a girl today. Isn’t that how it works? You get to be whatever sex you want at the time?

  3. I love gender fluidity
    lawsuit pending if TG guys are banned.
    May I have address?

  4. All jokes aside, the website says it is for “This club is intended for bisexual girls, often members are in a relationship… Girls only. Leave your man at home, relay your stories on return..”

    So in other words, this club is for women who want to cheat on their men. There is no difference between this and Ashley Madison, except that there are actually women involved in this club.

    Disgusting, and an obvious double standard.

    • If it weren’t for double standards, what standards would feminists have? Besides the belief that women’s unhappiness is caused by men’s happiness, that is.

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