Steel match results

On November 3rd I had surgery on my left shoulder. Over three and half weeks later I still have large bruises and somewhat limited range of motion.


But I had made it to the range a couple of times for practice and my shooting was okay and only occasionally experienced some pain. So Saturday I went to Whidbey Island for the Holmes Harbor Rod and Gun Club steel match.

I tried to take just a little more time before squeezing off the shot but still make the target transitions as quickly as I could. This seemed to work a lot better than if I tried to make everything go fast.

My rimfire results in particular were very good. I cut my total match time by over 10 seconds (this is about a 15% improvement!). This was a total of 56.64 seconds for five stages. Since there are four strings of five shots in each stage this means my average time for each string was 2.83 seconds. And since every stage requires five shots the average time per shot was 0.5664 seconds. I’m constantly amazed this is even possible let alone that I am capable of shooting this fast on targets likes these:


But it’s possible. Here is the video to prove it:

The scores were:

Class: Rimfire Rifle Open  
Name Match Time
Brian Lawson 37.54
Tony Ceci 48.39
Brian Lawson 48.64
Ron Wigger 50.24
Dan Lavaty 54.02
Ethan Kimball 63.90
Class: Rimfire Iron
Name Match Time
Joe Huffman 56.64
Brian Lawson 71.27
Scott Bertino 84.73
Class: Rimfire Open
Name Match Time
Dan Lavaty 64.03
Jim Dunlap 88.05
Rev Barchenger 96.47
Dave Shupe Mechanical Issues
Class: Centerfire Iron
Name Match Time
Joe Huffman 78.44
Bruce Barchenger 90.18
Dave Shupe 124.71
Dennis Bohling 132.05
Scott Bertino 140.83
Class: Centerfire Revolver Open
Name Match Time
Chris Ceci 80.93
Class: Centerfire Revolver Iron
Name Match Time
Ron Wigger 96.82

5 thoughts on “Steel match results

  1. I had rotator cuff and bone spur surgery a little over four years ago.

    The best piece of advice I can give is to not slack off doing the physical therapy. And even after the therapists are done with you, keep up the exercises.

  2. Ah, you are doing well, Grasshopper!

    This was an important match for you; you’re gaining confidence, and learning to keep your rhythm. When you missed in the earlier stages, you waited and then made up the shot before moving on. (Not always)

    Later stages, you assumed you made the shot, and moved on. After your brain registered a miss, you came back to make up the shot. That hesitation to see whether you made or missed the shot is the difference between doing well and cursing yourself.

    I’ve don’t do this stuff well, myself. But I know just enough to recognize the the improvement;
    I congratulate you for your progression. You learned a lot (or you ingrained your improved technique) in this single match.

  3. What Jerry said – you really gained confidence in pushing through each string confidently and smoothly, then coming back to make up a miss if needed. Definite progress!

  4. Rotator cuff surgery just over a month ago, right shoulder. I can’t use my right arm to brace my left yet(been practicing left-hand only), and it’ll be a while before my shoulder will take anything more than a .22 rifle(when I reach that point). Yeah, do the PT religiously.

    Which reminds me, time for my at-home stuff for the morning.

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