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The first half of the prose rewrite of “The Stars Came Back” is called ” The Stars Came Back: Back from the Dead “. It is now on Kindle unlimited.  So, for those of you that thought you might like to read the edited PROSE version, you can get it at no cost. Whoo-Hoo! Electronic book only so far. Eventually it’ll hit paper for those who, like me, prefer hardcopy. But those won’t be free 🙁

Sometimes, free is good.


3 thoughts on “Free item

  1. Excellent. I really enjoyed the previous version. I’ll have to check this out. Any other changes?

    • The new novel version is a two-part series, so the current book corresponds to the first half of the original screenplay style version.

      I like it a lot. The writing is well done, Rolf and his editor did a fine job.

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