Steel match results

As I mentioned yesterday I shot in another steel match on Saturday.

It was a beautiful day for a ferry ride:


Here are the match results:

Name Class Time
Steve RF-RI-O 43.96
Brian RF-RI-O 50.12
Brian RF-O 51.19
Steve RF-O 51.67
Jeff RF-RI-O 53.47
Joe Huffman RF-I 71.38
Joe Huffman CF-I 77.18
Steve CF-O 78.66
Bruce CF-I 88.87
Tanner RF-O 92.39
Brian CF-I 105.85
Jeff CF-I 106.59
MAC CF-I 107.50
MAC CF-RV-I 111.46
Tanner CF-I 112.99
John CF-I 119.07
Mitch CF-I 128.48
Susan RF-O 128.76
Rebekah RF-I 236.19

The codes are:

  • RF-RI-O: Rimfire, rifle, open
  • RF-O: Rimfire, open
  • RF-I: Rimfire, iron sights
  • CF-I: Centerfire, iron sights
  • CF-O: Centerfire, open
  • CF-RV-I: Centerfire revolver, iron sights

Even with the malfunctions I had I won in my classes. I felt like I was shooting very well. I wasn’t thinking, I just moved the gun past the targets and it went off when the sights were on the targets. Misses were rare. It feels really good to have things working like that again.

There were five stages. The times are the sum of all the best four of five strings fired on each stage. So with five stages and four strings per stage you can figure out that I averaged 3.86 seconds per string with my centerfire pistol. That is 3.86 seconds for a draw and five shots on five different targets.

With the rimfire pistol it was an average 3.57 seconds per string. With the rimfire pistol I did not have to draw. The start position for the pistol was pointing at the tennis ball you see in each of the pictures below:

This was a very fast stage. I think I had a couple runs that were under two seconds.


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  1. I started shooting our club Steel Challenge matches last year and found them quite enjoyable.

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