And the winner is

Last month I had a photo caption contest and I have selected a winner. It is Defens with:

Fetch the stick, Feinstein!

I found this particularly amusing and applicable because one of my motivations for Boomershoot, and in particular the posting of the recipe for Boomerite, was because of a law that Senator Feinstein wrote and got passed many years ago. That law made it illegal to distribute “bomb making instructions”. We don’t use “the ‘B’ word” at Boomershoot. We make “reactive targets”. In part, Boomershoot is about mocking Senator Feinstein.


2 thoughts on “And the winner is

  1. Thank you! Thankyouvrrymutch!

    I consider this a great honor and share your perception. I regret that I have only one quip to give for my country. Wait – that’s not right…..

  2. Even though I didn’t win, I do hope that everyone else had as much fun coming up with a comment, and reading others captions, as I did.

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