Baseball aside

Part-time author and occasional co-blogger Rolf, here. For those of you that like baseball (rumor has it there are a couple left in the world), I posted a blurb about my son’s team finishing the regular little league season in 1st place in his division over here. (For those that don’t like baseball, and/or don’t have kids, never mind.)


5 thoughts on “Baseball aside

    • Yes. Basically done, mostly edited, waiting on cover art (the artist doing it is/was in Texas – had an unexpected move, and the rain has caused some problems that he’s, ahem, digging out of, so to speak). Definitely this summer. Should have a prequel finished by the end of summer too, then edited and cover done in the early fall. I hope.

  1. “Baseball”, you say. That’s a sport, I believe, in which one guy throws a ball and another guy tries to hit it with a stick, or something, isn’t it? Yes; fascinating stuff. Right ho! Jolly good fun I’m sure! I just don’t quite understand the bit where the hitter runs away from his position as fast as he can, and then desperately tries to get back to it ; )

    • Yeah, but where else can you throw your balls around and brag about having great wood and not get looked at (too) weirdly? 🙂
      But seriously, it’s not a bad game as long as it’s kept in perspective. It teaches both teamwork and the necessity for personal improvement, how to pick yourself and try again when something doesn’t work out (like you don’t get on base), being aware of the situation and capabilities of different people (players) and deciding your own actions accordingly. And you never know when you might really need to be able to throw accurately.

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