Alien Gear IWB holster

I received a IWB holster from Alien Gear for review. I have the Ruger P89 Cloak Tuck 2.0 but they have different versions of holsters for a very wide selection of guns. I count 441 different pistols and 14 different revolvers.

I can’t ever recall giving unqualified praise for a product I have been asked to review. While I do have a minor quibble about the instructions I really like the product. As they claim on their web site, “You are not just going to like your new Alien Gear Holster – you’re going to love it. Guaranteed.”

My minor quibble with the instructions is with how they tell you to put the holster on:

First put on your pants and sturdy belt. Leave your pants unbuttoned and unzipped. Insert the holster into your pants in the front just to the right of the zipper. Then, slide the holster around to where you will be wearing it.

This didn’t work for me. The padding gripped the t-shirt I was wearing and slid it around with the holster. If I had not been wearing a shirt then it would have worked but why do this at all? Perhaps there is a good reason but I didn’t see it. I just rotated it into the position I wanted it and then slid it straight down sort of like I was tucking in a shirt.

The holster is very comfortable to wear. It has good retention for a holster without a locking mechanism. I could draw from it as rapidly as any other IWB holster I have worn and could reholster without a collapsed shell that needed to be opened up.

Although I found the defaults to be ideal for me the holster has a great deal of adjustment available. It has adjustable tilt angle, adjustable ride height, and adjustable retention.

It is a very versatile holster. You can even use it with a tucked in t-shirt.

Their warranty is awesome. With free shell trades for life if you change carry guns and forever protection against breakage.



Give this holster very serious consideration.


6 thoughts on “Alien Gear IWB holster

  1. Ok, since I was currently looking for an IWB holster for my carry weapon, I went ahead and ordered one based on your review.

    This will be my first IWB holster, as I have always carried OWB in the past.

    • I apparently didn’t have it fully seated when I took that picture. I’ve replaced that picture with a different one showing the gun fully seated in the holster.

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  3. I wanted to like this holster but try as I might it’s just not as comfortable as my CrossBreed. In the drawer it went.

  4. I’ve been using one for about six months now with my CZ P-07 and really like it. The price was right too, an IWB and OWB holster and shells for my P-07 and 1911 for under $80 shipped…can’t beat it!

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