USPSA match results

I shot in another USPSA match today. The results for my division are as follows:

Match Results – Limited











Match Pts

Match %

1 Hong, Andrew A83199 A LTD MAJOR N N N N 376.4578 100.000 %
2 LeRoux, Scott L3253 M LTD MAJOR N N N N 292.5846 77.720 %
3 Gillaspie, Brent A89049 U LTD MAJOR N N N N 255.9800 67.997 %
4 Denton, Charis A79746 U LTD MINOR N N N N 237.9736 63.214 %
5 Mc Nees Jr, Donald A52430 C LTD MINOR N N N N 227.0105 60.302 %
6 Sherman, Todd TY37515 C LTD MAJOR N N N N 215.8692 57.342 %
7 Huffman, Joseph TY29386 B LTD MAJOR N N N N 213.4978 56.712 %
8 Feucht, Alan A72439 C LTD MAJOR N N N N 212.2518 56.381 %
9 Fischer, Sarah A77996 C LTD MAJOR Y N N N 199.2419 52.925 %
10 Adams, Bryan A85106 U LTD MAJOR N N N N 189.7108 50.394 %
11 McClure, David A71541 C LTD MAJOR N N N N 180.8689 48.045 %
12 Baleros, Rae Arsen A53054 C LTD MAJOR N N N N 169.9922 45.156 %
13 Cook, Jason A85741 U LTD MINOR N N N N 124.4949 33.070 %
14 Mathena, Lee A54215 D LTD MAJOR N N N N 120.5627 32.026 %
15 Domingo, Noel A85786 C LTD MAJOR N N N N 106.1564 28.199 %
16 Daniels, Stephen PEN U LTD MINOR N N N N 101.9012 27.068 %
17 Reibman, Ryan A84564 U LTD MINOR N N N N 95.8378 25.458 %

I really need to practice more. I’m not shooting at a ‘B’ level like I used to.

This match was all classifiers and the “National Percentage” from these stages are, according to the classifier calculator, probably as follows:

It takes 60% to be in class ‘B’. I had problems with each of the stages which accounts for some it. The best example of this was that I shot a no-shoot target and got a miss on “Both Sides Now #1”. If I had achieved the same time and got the A-zone hit I would have had a 72.9621% percentage. I hit another no-shoot target with a miss in “The Roscoe Rattle” which would have translated into 62.9157% had I been a little more careful.

I had some minor equipment problems too. In “Can You Count” I loaded five rounds into each of my magazines because I can’t count as fast as I can shoot. In both strings the magazine did not lock the slide back. In the first string I was a bit confused and it took a while to reload and rack the slide. It happened in the second string as well but I was better prepared for it and it two seconds less than the equivalent first string. Had the slide locked back like it should have I probably would have had something like a time of about three seconds less. This would have resulted in a percentage of 61.6266%.

But I didn’t shoot like that. I made mistakes and my shooting represents that of a solid ‘C’ shooter (40%->59.9%), not ‘B’.


2 thoughts on “USPSA match results

  1. Joe, Joe, Joe … you’ve been shooting IDPA too long!

    We know this, because you’re bemoaning the failure of your slide to lock back on an empty magazine.

    You’re not required to empty your magazine in USPSA. The LAST thing you want to do is go to slide lock!

    In USPSA competition, you’re not penalized for dumping a magazine with ammunition still in it.

    It’s a GAME, Folks!

    • I’ve only shot one IDPA match and that was about 10 years ago.

      For this stage I deliberately loaded my magazines to five rounds each because I can’t count as fast as I can shoot. I do better on this classifier if I just shoot the gun empty on each target. But the magazines didn’t cooperate by locking the slide back to give me the expected clue the gun was empty.

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