Bulk ammo sale

Via email from Bulk Ammo Direct. These look like good prices:

Bulk Ammo Direct is having a sale on the following items:

-Federal American Eagle 5.56, loaded with Lake City Brass to NATO specifications. This ammunition is an ideal choice for the shooter looking for a great, affordable round for target shooting, training and practice. The ammunition is new production, non-corrosive, in boxer-primed, reloadable brass cases.
$283.00/case of 900, 30 rounds/box, 30 boxes/case
$30.00/case flat rate shipping fee to be added
Minimum order 1 case

-New Federal .223 in bulk. 55GR FMJ – 1,000 rounds per bag encased.
$30.00/case flat rate shipping fee to be added
Minimum order 1 case

-New production 22 LR
$850.00/case of 5,000 rounds
$30.00 – $40.00/case shipping fee to be added
Minimum order 1 case

We also have another supply of pulldown WC 872 propellant, packaged in 40 LB boxes, 60 boxes per pallet, total of 2400 LBS/pallet.
$6.25/LB plus shipping
Minimum order 1 pallet

To order ammo, go to: www.bulkammodirect.com, or email: sales@bulkammodirect.com.

To order propellant or 22 LR ammo, call or email:

Marc Coury
Bulk Ammo Direct
OFF: 310.766.1121
DIRECT: 949.645.3815

Jeff Semko
Bulk Ammo Direct
OFF: 310.766.1121
DIRECT: 310.493.9400


9 thoughts on “Bulk ammo sale

  1. A metric ton of powder. That’s for someone with a pretty serious reloading habit. 🙂

    .223 price is pretty reasonable; less than twice what they are charging for the 22 LR. One of the two prices is absurd, I think.

  2. The .22 comes out to be, if my math is right, 5.8 cents per round. PLUS shipping.

    • I get $.17 per round plus shipping.

      Been picking up bricks at Midway for $.06 per round plus shipping.

    • It looks like it’s also on stripper clips, which tends to increase cost and weight. Still, it does make reloading mags MUCH faster…

  3. When I started shooting, I bought a 9mm handgun instead of a .45 or .40 because I could shoot twice as much at a practice for a given pile of dolalrs spent on ammo.

    And the price was less per round for 9mm than this asking price for .22LR.

    I will continue shooting my old milk cartons of Remington Golden Hornets and Federal dirty .22LR until I’ve used them all up. They only cost $15/1000 in 2008, not $85.

    Still, good to know one can buy a brick of .22 again.

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