USPSA match results

The last USPSA match I shot was in October of 2012. That’s two and a quarter years ago. Yesterday I shot in another one with a different group of people.

Two years ago I came second out of eight in my division. This time I came in fourth out of 10. I was fairly pleased with that result. But the main thing I was hoping to do was come in ahead of my son-in-law, John Vlieger. But I was a long way from accomplishing that result. Even if I had not had messed up one stage badly I still would have not beat him:

MCTS USPSA January 2015
Match Results – Limited
Place Name USPSA Class Division PF Lady Mil Law For Match Pts Match %
1 Vlieger, John A79695 B Ltd MAJOR N N N N 580.4732 100.000 %
2 McIngvale, Trip FY62076 M Ltd MAJOR N N N N 559.8666 96.450 %
3 Sturdivant, Peter TY80329 A Ltd MAJOR N N N N 514.8913 88.702 %
4 Huffman, Joe TY29386 B Ltd MAJOR N N N N 363.6948 62.655 %
5 Fox, Todd   U Ltd MINOR N N N N 360.9411 62.180 %
6 Sturdivant, Charlie TY80586 C Ltd MAJOR N N N N 348.6704 60.067 %
7 Standley, Robert A49729 B Ltd MAJOR N N N N 344.5438 59.356 %
8 Mecklenburg, John   U Ltd MINOR N N N N 286.2143 49.307 %
9 Maloney, Edward   U Ltd MINOR N N N N 206.3510 35.549 %
10 Fata, Paul   U Ltd MAJOR N N N N 165.8097 28.565 %

Oh well. It’s just more incentive to get out and practice more.


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