Classic dog shoots man story

This is via an IM from David M. at my work.

Someone wasn’t following all the gun safety rules:

Sheriff Steve Kozisek said Richard L. Fipps, 46, of Sheridan had driven to Murphy Gulch Road with two employees to move a vehicle that had become stuck. Fipps was standing beside his truck as chains were being removed from the front of it when he was shot.

Kozisek said Fipps told a dog in the front seat of the truck to get into the back seat. Among other personal items laying on the back seat was a .300 Winchester Magnum with the safety apparently turned off. The dog managed to discharge the weapon, which fired through the cab of the truck.

The gun wasn’t in use. It should have been unloaded and in a case. Now he may lose his arm. He and others could have been killed by this single shot.


5 thoughts on “Classic dog shoots man story

  1. Good thing it wasn’t in Washington – the dog could be charged for an illegal transfer.

  2. Pretty impressive stupidity. Fortunately the only person injured was the guilty party.
    Note the comment on the article by a guy described as “retired art faculty, Philadelphia”.

  3. In Pennsylvania, and probably other states, too, it’s illegal to carry a loaded rifle or shotgun in a vehicle – it would be considered evidence of poaching or intent to poach game.

  4. I’m going to beg to differ just a tad here. On a ranch in Wyoming where a person may be contending with wolves or mountain lions, and cased unloaded gun is not going to do him any good. However, I am not suggesting this guy wasn’t being stupid. If the gun was loaded, in a rack and with the safety on, it would still get him into action quickly enough to protect himself, his ranch hands and his cattle. Why anyone with any experience would leave any gun on a seat like that with the safety off is beyond me.

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