There is truth in this

From XKCD:

Background Screens

There is more than a little truth in this for me. Just ask Barb or my kids.


2 thoughts on “There is truth in this

  1. Chemist here. Don’t get me started on what goes on in movie laboratories, especially ones that are exploding or on fire.

  2. Yah, I get shushed a lot. I think of the screens as backstory or supplemental information which fleshes out a plot.

    Slightly OT: my former employer supplied a working ID-card-making machine as a prop for a tv show (St. Elsewhere?). Our company logo was about three times larger than normal on the back of it so as to be noticeable. Many “squees’ were uttered the first time we saw it as the camera panned past. Bonus tv trivia: the characters’ prop IDs had their pictures on ’em, produced on that machine.

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