Well, there’s always the Contender

Via TFB, we see The Dominator, a 308 Winchester upper for the 1911. OK then. As Cooper was fond of saying; I suppose we should refrain from asking “why?” I don’t know what it’s for, but it is interesting from a gadgetry liker’s point of view. If it were a choice between the two I think I’d take the Thompson Center Contender. Hmm; how about a 300 Win Mag upper for your LCP, then, for, you know, uh…practice, or something, so when you’re out shooting for defense with your .380 it would serve as low recoil practice for big game hunting.


2 thoughts on “Well, there’s always the Contender

  1. Heh. If you’d like to try one I usually have a pair in .223 and .308 at the RNS tent every Boomershoot. What’s it for?

    Gee, officer, all I have on me is this 1911.

  2. I wonder how the 1911 frame would hold up.
    And, is this where the Handi-Rifle says, “I coulda been a contendah.”?

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