Update 8/25/2014 @1:32 PM: After much anguish, many partial restores, lost DNS records, out of RAM issues, orphaned databases, corrupted files, and I’ve lost count of things, I think the blog is working again with only two minor comments lost.

Update 8/25/2014 @3:52 AM: The move is back on.

Update: The move has been postponed due to technical difficulties in the exporting of the content. You may comment and post as desired until further notice.

Commenters: I’m moving my blog to another hosting provider. Any comments you make while this post is visible will be lost.

Co-bloggers: Any posts you make while this post is visible will be lost.


6 thoughts on “Moving

  1. You want good comments that will be thought-provoking and insightful.

    You’ll take comments that don’t aren’t stupid and grammatically screwed up.

    You’ll get spam.

  2. I feel like Bart Simpson calling Mo’s bar.

    Is Amanda there? Amanda Hugenkiss?

    I need Amanda Hugenkiss! Find me Amanda Hugenkiss!

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