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This was is the Seattle news this morning. I know Brian Judy quite well (he used to be the Idaho liason for NRA-ILA). If the tone of what amounts to a personal attack on Brian wasn’t so venomous I’d think this was funny: the only group of people I’ve ever heard Brian express intolerance toward is anti-rights bigots.

Washington already has registration of handguns sold at retail. While the word “registration” doesn’t appear anywhere in the text of I594, the initiative would extend all the state requirements for retail handgun sales to private transactions- thus creating complete registration. This ain’t about “background checks”.

The people who are attacking Brian might find it enlightening to familiarize themselves with Joe’s test or maybe look at the this website.


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  1. Let me get this straight: they acknowledge, toward the end of the article, that the Jews had their guns and all other property taken by the NAZIS before they were exterminated en masse.
    Then they are upset because, when they propose to do the SAME THING in America, someone has the gall to compare them to NAZIS?
    Huh. Go figure.

    • Maxwell, your cluebag is empty. Try reading a book instead of letting this clown defame Holocaust victims. Try Ordinary Men for starters,….To pretend that its ok to slander people because of their views… right-wing of you.

  2. The people who are attacking Brian might tear Joe a new one if they look at his test. You shouldn’t ask for attention you really don’t want.

    • Bring it on. I don’t see what their problem is. Everything Judy said and what I said in my test are true. They are the ones that are going get “torn a new one”.

      • Ubu cares so hard about us, why won’t we shut up? If we don’t shut up, somebody might call us names!

    • What do you plan to do that requires first rendering people defenseless?

  3. “The purchase of food and other supplies for your “Jews in the attic” would show up in the records as being excessive compared to what your needs were. ”

    One of the reasons the recurring stories about the DHS asking for tips on people buying survival supplies like long-term storage food is so troubling.

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  5. I wonder if their heads would explode if you point them at the JPFO website.

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