3 thoughts on “Barb’s daughter made the Huffingtonpost

  1. Wow. That young lady explained it in the last paragraph. Guilt. Her white american guilt. Her shame for being born into a society that grants her the priviledge of going to college and flying to far off countries. Not knowing hunger, poverty, squalor or desperation.

    Perhaps she should look at our own society, and mock the lefts complaints about our starving kids being so fat, squalor of only having one tv, and poor working conditions and even worse minimum wage. Be upset at our country not knowing what hardship is yet endlessly complaining about how we suck at providing a “living wage”.

  2. Mom, why don’t you get what a big deal this is?

    Did she ask Barb this? I would bet that she didn’t because she assumes she knows what her mother thinks but I could be wrong. I was also young and knew everything once. Oh, if only everyone else could see how the world truly was.

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