Careful what you wish for

When I started dating again after separating from my ex-wife I jokingly put the following in my online dating profile:

I’ve thought that I would like a harem of super models with a mean IQ of 150 and a minimum of 130. But I’m pretty certain drawing a square circle using a unicorn horn is more likely. Also, taking care of more than one woman is probably beyond my ability so, upon further reflection, I have decided I’ll just have a more conventional relationship.

Barb L. liked my profile and, in fact, after being on for a month, I was the only person she was interested in meeting and she let it expire without meeting anyone else. I have been the only person she dated after kicking her ex-husband out of the house.

After meeting her I was quite smitten. I stopped looking and concentrated my attention on Barb. It’s worked out well.

What I didn’t know was that while I was joking about the harem of super models in my profile was that Barb actually turned down a modeling career. She is very smart and probably would have been bored with it as well as having much better long term prospects in her chosen career.

A few months ago she told me about the modeling stuff and showed me some pictures she had stored in the garage. You can see damage to some of the pictures but you can also see that even when joking you might get something of what you were asking for:

This says her height is 5’ 11”. It might have been then but she is now nearly 6’ 1”.




She says she used to call this one “Barb on the rocks.”








5 thoughts on “Careful what you wish for

  1. I guess you lucked out then! Barb is really nice and you two look very happy together.
    In a way I lucked out too, I dated the trophy girl from the race track and ended up marrying her, and I have pictures to prove it too !

  2. Yes Joe, you did get very lucky. I have to say while Boomershoot is always stressful, you seemed less stressed this year than usual. I like this Barb because she’s active in your hobbies. (And I assume you’re active in her’s).

  3. Wife was a professional model – local – when she 15. Eileen Ford agency wanted to take her to New York, but her folks said no. Understand this was back in the mid-fifties and things were a WHOLE lot different then.
    Anyhow I’m glad she didn’t go ’cause about 10 years later I got to marry her…
    And the really big thing with models is that they learn how to take care of themselves and how to (CORRECTLY)apply make-up. She’s 70 now and looks maybe 50 on a bad day.

  4. 5′ 13″ Joe – 5′ 13″ !

    BTW – for some reason Firefox 29.0.1 refuses to see any post’s “leave a comment” as a link. I had to switch to IE to get it to work.

  5. So; you’re calling my harem of intelligent super models “unconventional”?

    I see what you’re doing there. Hater.

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