Hoover Dam

While in Las Vegas a couple weeks ago we also visited Hoover Dam. I had driven by a time or two but had never stopped and took pictures and went on a tour. I’ve been on tours of Grand Coulee and Dworshak which are also very impressive but Hoover, for some reason seems to generate more awe for most people. It is an impressive piece of engineering.


We took a tour of the power plant which involved going through some tunnels near the base of the dam.


This was on the ceiling of some of the tunnels to keep the tourists from getting dripped on from some minor leaks.





3 thoughts on “Hoover Dam

  1. “Glorious” public works projects. Monuments to the coercive power of government. All kneel in awe before the power and the glory, and worship His name, Hoover, for He is The Giver of Light, yea and of warmth.

    I’m running with your theme of Progressivism as a religion, see, which of course it is.

    I look at that generator room and I see eight gigantic, delicate eggs in one fragile basket. These temples to collectivism are our society’s Achilles Heels.

    This is blasphemy of course, and blasphemy evokes rage among The Believers. Thus shall you know your place as one of the faithful.

    • So why do you think the generators are “delicate”? Why is the damn “fragile”?

      While I think the *means* by which it was brought into existence were (and are) evil, I always viewed the thing itself (damn and power plant) as a product of engineering genius and damn hard work.
      Could it have been built using non-coercive means? I surely don’t know the answer — and would never advocate fraud or coercion no matter how much I am impressed by the result.

  2. They will be shutting down those generators in a few years, due to falling water levels. They now only supply about 1/3 of Las Vegas’ power requirements. More stress on the Western power grid coming up!

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