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Linoge posts:

fuzzyKBP posts A journey of a thousand miles.

Phil posts about some of the guns he is bringing to Boomershoot.

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4 thoughts on “Boomershoot prep blogging

  1. The other day at the gun show I came across some “22” sensitive exploding target bino powder.
    What is the difference to this that makes it work with 22 velocity ?
    Wouldn’t mind making my own ( much cheaper perhaps ? )

    • I don’t know the details of the stuff you saw. I do know that others that have done this use a flash powder mix. It’s composed of potassium chlorate, aluminum powder, and sulfur. In anything more than firecracker sized batches it is much more dangerous than other mixes. A tiny spark will ignite it. I won’t use it.

      • Dunno, I bought two of the prepackaged units that look to be just like the larger versions in the 1 lb plastic containers, only these are about half that size in the same type screw top plastic bottle and state that they are “.22 Sensitive Boomer”. Enclosed are just two bags , one looking like ammonium nitrate and the other aluminum powder. Haven’t weighed them yet to compare with larger version proportions. Will do so when I try them out.
        They come from “H2 Targets, LLC. , Out of Montezuma , OH

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