Aroma Therapy

Via email from Squirrel Hunter:

Aroma Therapy
A scent that can ease anxiety, promote a sensation of security, calmness and control in an uncomfortable situation.



6 thoughts on “Aroma Therapy

  1. Also good, Hoppe’s. And local oil wells don’t exactly smell good, but they sure do smell like jobs.

  2. My doctor noticed a heart murmur and is being appropriately non committal during the wait for the echo cardiogram. Since I seem to have not other symptoms there is not much to do about it till we have test results. She said I should go do things I find relaxing and avoid freaking out (my words.) I am not sure how she would have reacted to me planning a weekend of sighting in rifles and testing reloads. So far it has been a relaxing weekend. She was probably thinking motorcycle rides and maybe getting a replacement cat or cats for the one I put down last week. It is nice to finally have sunny day at the range. I might do the other stuff.

  3. The smell of burnt cordite ranks right up there with the smell of napalm in the morning and Hoppe’s #9

  4. I’m at the point where even the stinky powder from the Remington stingers that won’t feed in my Buckmark would be enjoyable.
    A little Recoil Therapy along with the Aromatherapy is in order.

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