Gun Poetry

With a tug on the PUG, the slug dug snug in the smug thug

Say that ten times as fast as you can, or add to it if you like.

That’s all I have. Whadaya want for nothin’ on a Friday night?

The PUG is one of NAA’s mini revolvers.

Joe has no category for “poetry”, which is probably a good thing, so I put it under “home life”.


1 thought on “Gun Poetry

  1. Hmmm… thud, blood, stud, mud, crud, dud… Yeah, we can work with that.
    The stud in the mud, with a tug on the PUG, hoped for no dud when the slug dug thud snug in the smug thug in the crud with blood on the mug.
    Classic Baxter Black cowboy poetry it ain’t, but it’s going to be hard to say even when sober.

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