Moving up

Just an FY:

The Stars Came Back is now at:

#18 15 in  Books > Science Fiction & Fantasy > Science Fiction > Military

#26 22 21 Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Science Fiction & Fantasy > Science Fiction > Military

#42 35 34 Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Literature & Fiction > Action & Adventure > Science Fiction

Which at the moment translates into 164 183 209 units sold, 4 borrowed.


UPDATE: now at #1918 in Amazon paid Kindle store.


11 thoughts on “Moving up

  1. Apologies, I didn’t get an email off to the Book Thread guy at Ace’s Place til after he’d worked up the post. Plugged it in the comments, though, and he said he’d get it in next week. It’s Moron (the good, AoSHQ type) friendly, so hopefully some sales today with more next week.

    BTW, this week’s post mentions Dick Cheney’s new book. Included is a ‘shopped picture of Darth Vader telling Preznit 404 off. 😀

      • That alone should be worth plenty of sales! It’s nice being able to provide something to people, but as Larry Correia says, you’re doing it to make money! Ever read the Monster Hunters series?

        • I’ve heard of the MHI series, never read them. As to “plenty of sales,” that’s a relative thing. It’s great to get the exposure, no doubt. Moving up in sales rank is outSTANDing, if you know what I mean. But context is important. At #15 on the mil sci-fi list, I just went over a whopping 200 copies. More than 99% of self-published e-books, but still less than a third of about where I figure my cash-cost break-even point is, and getting nothing for the many, MANY hours I put into it. So Larry is right. But even if I don’t get rich from it right away, or ever, contributing a good story to society and not losing money in the process would be a worthwhile thing. But I’d still like to make enough to make it worth my while.

          • Consider that you’ve had more sales than nearly all, and in less than a week. And yes, readers will be glad that you had it worked over before publishing. Nothing worse than typos or grammar errors to pull you out of an otherwise good story. The MHI series is worth a read. Chatacters are not unlike yours, no surprise there since he’s of the People of the Gun. No preachy stuff, just good monsters, good battles, and common sense from the characters. Except from the fed agency that deals with them.

  2. I’m about 2/3rds of the way through — very good! If I didn’t have to work tomorrow, I’d spend the night finishing it.

  3. Looks like Sarah and Charlie’s plug helped somewhat. Did you send an email to Glenn Reynolds yet?

    • I’m sure their plug helped. Also got a comment plug over at Ace’s place (thanks, BikerMailman!) and at Survival Blog, no way to sort which did what.
      I have not yet emailed Glenn Reynolds. Figured I’d wait until I got the review that L Neil Smith promised. Should be within a week. May be more likely to plug it with a lead-off endorsement from a well-know libertarian author, and then I can have it on the page as well so when eyes show up they are more likely to buy.
      And thanks to those that have put in their comments at Amazon! I really do appreciate them.

        • I’d wait until after we find out what he’s got so say, and where he’s willing to push it out or get quoted. If it’s “meh,” then I’m not going to advertise it to hard. If it’s “best self-published first book I’ve ever read!!!!” I’ll flog it around a bit more. 🙂 Then you can be jealous.

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