Grandson pictures

Part of Christmas vacation 2013 was spent with my grandson Bryce.

On the way to Idaho with son James, DIL Kelsey, and grandson Bryce we stopped in Ellensburg for lunch. While James and Kelsey were busy with some other things Bryce and I had some time to ourselves. I decided he looked good in a hat:


James really wanted to take him on his first ride on the snow. So on Christmas Eve we borrowed a plastic toboggan from my brother Doug and went off over the hillside to slide down the hill. Kelsey and Zoe participated as well.








It wasn’t really a casualty. Zoe just liked rolling around in the snow.


Video/slide-show here.

This was his first Christmas (Eve).


The little red rocking chair he is sitting in was made by my grandmother King’s father for my grandmother. Hence it was made by Bryce’s Great, Great, Great Grandfather.




4 thoughts on “Grandson pictures

    • Yes. Zoe is a Corgi. If you talked really nice you probably could visit occasionally. But I’m sure Zoe is not available short of a dognapping. Your best bet is to get your own.

      • Does she herd your grandson? I’d think that they are a good breed to have around kids but I’m not sure since I’ve never had one.

        • Bryce isn’t mobile yet so it is hard to say. We are expecting she will. She will find him on command now. I’m looking forward to her executing on the “get” command.

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