Novelty shotgun shell

H/T to @rhodeskc.

I can see the appeal for the shear novelty but having spent my childhood on a farm and a lot of time in the garden I cannot see this having any practical application:


There are far better ways to distribute seeds of any type.


13 thoughts on “Novelty shotgun shell

  1. Well, it’s obvious to me that these shells, if used for home defense, simply MUST be loaded with Bellis perennis…. daisy seeds, of course.

    • I would have suggested apricot, peach, or avocado seeds.

      But you have a point about your suggestion being far more in character.

  2. I dunno…maybe #PajamaBoy can use these to fire thweet theedth of Obamacare love!

  3. The idea isn’t from a small business but from an advertising/marketing agency, Studio Total, which also does activism. from wiki “stirred up controversy in 2010, when Swedish feminist Gudrun Schyman burned 100,000 kronor (approximately $14,000) in a protest against unequal pay…2012, Studio Total arranged an airdrop of teddy bears endorsing freedom of speech over Belarus.”

    I suspect it is basically an ad to attempt to reinforce the “only for killing” meme.

  4. As a child of the 60’s, this gives a whole new meaning to the old phrase “Flower Power.”

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  6. But think of the great fun that could be had re-vegetating road cuts and burn areas with a Cessna and an FA. We have rather a lot of burn areas in Colorado just now.

    • That sounds horribly inefficient, unlikely to succeed, and phenomenally expensive. Also fun. Where do I sign up?

  7. #9 pellets of compressed red pepper flake would be swell for use on neighborhood pests.

    Animals too.

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