Win prizes and meet “The Gunny”

Optics Planet is giving away a free trip to Las Vegas plus a bunch of knives and a meeting with “The Gunny”. The knives include:

  • One (1) AU03-N Aura SEAL Knife (X0-KN-SLSL-AU03-N) (Value: $60.00)
  • One (1) TF-1 Trident, Partially Serrated Black TiNi Folding Knife (X0-KN-TR23IO-TF-1) (Value: $114.00)
  • One (1) F18-N Voodoo Hawk, Black, Black F18-N (X0-A2-F18-N) (Value: $75.00)
  • One (1) F06PN-CP FastHawk Tactical Tomahawk with Nylon Sheath, Polished Finish, Black F06PN-CP (X0-A2-F06PN-CP) (value: $50.00)
  • One (1) DarkEnergy 247 Lumen Tactical Handheld LED Flashlight with Belt Clip, Large (DE-02-X0-FL-DE-02) (value: $130.00)
  • One (1) M37-N SEAL Pup Powder Coated Knife, Nylon Sheath (X0-KN-SLPOP-M37-N) (value: $98.50)
  • One (1) MC02-N SOGFari Black Machete, 18in Blade w/ Sheath & Pouch (X0-KN-SJH76TS-MC02-N) (value: $33.00)
  • One (1) PowerAssist Multiool w/ Nylon Sheath, 15ools Combined, BLK Oxide Finish, Black (B66N-CP X0-M3-GAS8U-B66N-CP) (value: $126.50)
  • One (1) Gunny Folding Knife – Limited Edition (X0-KN-SOG-GFL01-L) (value: $520.00)
  • One (1) VL02 VULCAN MINI Folding VG-10 Kn (X0-KN-HSG12-VL-04) (value: $188.50)
  • One (1) Bowie 2.0 Knife (X0-KN-S1T-L) (value: $248.50)
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The odds of winning depend on how many people enter so please don’t enter as it decreases my odds.