One year ago today

About three weeks ago Barb L sent me an email with this note and the picture below.

I found this in my wallet. I wrote it when we were dating for about a week (or less). Still all true!


I met Barb one year ago today via We talked and talked. I was still in the parking garage in Bellevue Square where I had “drinks” (I had lemonade, she had something more conventional for a bar) when I sent my friends (and romance coaches) Kat and Maggie the following email:

From: Joe Huffman
To: Kat; Maggie
Sent: Sunday, September 16, 2012 8:20 PM
Subject: I’m in love.

I just meet someone. She is awesome!
I can’t wait to tell you….

Kat met Barb a few days later and after an hour or so when she had a few seconds of privacy Kat told me, “She’s a keeper!” I already knew that but it was nice to get a second opinion.

We are still doing great together.


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