Gun Song – Gunpowder and Lead by Miranda Lambert

Not exactly an an uplifting song, but gives a good story why someone might want to own a gun, and why they are called “equalizers.”

Miranda Lambert has been on the country music scene for about a decade. Decent body… of music.

Forget who recommended the song, but thanks.


3 thoughts on “Gun Song – Gunpowder and Lead by Miranda Lambert

  1. Sugar and spice are very nice
    But keep your head or you’ll be dead
    If you’ve wrong in mind you best think twice
    That lady’s packin’ gunpowder and lead

    Putting down “another six pack” is probably not a wise choice, tactically speaking.

  2. I’d’ve personally opted for something other than a snow-shovel to dig the hole, a back-hoe being my preferred tool (yeah, yeah…I’m lazy). But gotta agree….much as I’m not a huge fan of country music in general, she does seem to have a nice body.

    …of music, that is. Yeah. Of music.

  3. The “body of work” in that video was not Miranda Lambert’s. It was her voice though.

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