Brad Huffman autopsy

Since I see people searching for this information and brother Doug posted it on Facebook last week (June 19th) I’m posting it here for better visibility:

The autopsy on our son Brad was performed in Pullman today. The preliminary results showed nothing. The coroner told me they did a very detailed autopsy, organ by organ and found no aneurysms, no blood clots, and no abnormalities that could explain his sudden death.

They are sending vials of body fluids to a lab for a wide range of toxicology tests, but he said nearly all toxins will leave some type of physical symptom that is noticeable in an autopsy (and they found no such tell tale signs). They have removed the electrical conduction paths from his heart and if the toxicology report comes back negative, they will examine the heart tissue with a scanning electron microscope and they might possibly find a defect in that.

Julie’s father had a defect in the routing of the nerves controlling his heart muscle. It caused him problems most of his life, but he died in his mid 70s of lung cancer. The coroner said Brad did NOT have that defect.

It will take about two weeks to get the results of the toxicology report.


3 thoughts on “Brad Huffman autopsy

  1. You have my sympathy. It really sucks to not have any answers. Especially in this information age, when we’ve come to expect them.

  2. I had an electrical problem with my heart. It didn’t show up until I was in my mid-20’s.

    My best bet is that he had ventricular fibrillation.

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