Life’s little tradeoffs

30 Cal Gal sent me an email this morning with a picture of the Western Shooting Journal cover for June (supposedly on newsstands now):


The article was written by Shelley (thank you Shelley!).

I showed it to Ry and his response was, “I’m glad I got it in one shot!”

Yeah. Had it taken four or five shots (it’s happened to me) the teaser line would have been a little embarrassing. Of course at near contact distance with the flame front misses are less likely and having your hair burned could be embarrassing too. Life is full of tradeoffs.

7 thoughts on “Life’s little tradeoffs

  1. And I’m glad I got a nice up close picture of the near contact distance. It’s the same picture that can be see at the end of this post.

    The one year I shot the fireball I was very happy I did it in one shot. No one wants to be “that guy”.

  2. I experienced massive fireballs at Knob Creek twice – tracer rounds hitting Cyalume-marked bursting charges that touched off the witches’ brew of distillates
    contained therein. From atop a lucky vantage point, above the obstructing crowds, I was a bit far away, but close enough to feel some very impressive
    waves of heat wash over my face.
    Part of me wished I had been closer to the spectacle – Richard Thompson’s Wall of Death echoed in my brain as I watched the dancing flames.
    I think giving Boomershooters a customizable “fireball option” is an ace of an idea, Joe…

  3. Can’t find it anywhere, and can’t find the online version if they have one.

    I’ll probably subscribe, but usually it starts with the issue after your subscribtion date….What to do, What to do?

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