Burning hair

Ry says he smelled burning hair after taking this shot:

As I have commented elsewhere I’m glad I had Ry move the opening fireball back about 20 feet further from where he wanted it. There is a fine line between thrilling and calling for an ambulance. Ry was right on the ragged edge of that line.

3 thoughts on “Burning hair

  1. Mike over at RNS has posted a slo-mo video he took from the berm – it looked exciting as he dove for cover 🙂

  2. I ate some dirt while yelling WooHoo. It was quite epic, but yes, a few more feet back would have been better — our canopy has a couple melted spots, but no holes and it blew the cover off my telescope, but there was no damage to it. I’ve got some video of it I need to edit down, maybe by this weekend.

  3. Oh, it all makes sense now!

    On the Default page, the video showing up in this post is “If I wanted America to fail”. A fine video that I’ve watched two or three times already, but I’m going to watch it again. But it left me wondering, “What does it have to do with burning hair?” I was wondering something similar about the comments…until I noticed that the Comments page has a different video.

    And it’s always good to see a big fireball! 🙂

    Now, back to my regularly scheduled wrong video…

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