Quote of the day—Matthew Jensen

This is boring. I just keep hitting the same spot.

Matthew Jensen
April 27, 2012
[He was shooting my “Spud Gun” at a 700 yard steel target. He was hitting the same spot on the target…

I love my Spud Gun. He did have an excellent coach in one of Gene Econ’s staff, but still the gun, ammo and shooter had to be doing their job too.—Joe]

2 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Matthew Jensen

  1. Cool – how did you build a rifled spud gun? What rate of twist? How high/deep are the lands/grooves? What propellant are you using? What kind of potato works best?

    You could write a whole book!!!

  2. Matthew did a great job, especially as a young shooter. That 300 WinMag is a shooter! I talked Matthew into letting me shoot it…One shot to check the trigger and impact, and the 2nd hit the center flag target at 700 yards. It is boringly accurate! That was shooting factory ammo, no less!

    It was a little difficult to explain to Matthew that not every rifle shoots as well as that 300 WinMag!

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