5 thoughts on “I passed

  1. So, now are you guys not just certifiable, you are actually certified!

    I tried to resist the straight lines (well, a little bit), but I couldn’t help myself.

  2. @Rolf, so says the guy that coined “Entertainingly Close”. 😉

    @Tango NRA is on the list of things I would like to add. It’s a matter of time and money right now. I have way too many hobbies but they’re all just too damn much fun!.

    I will say I was surprised at the scores. I really expected Joe to beat me on that one, Ry too. Both of them have much faster CPUs than me, though Ry has been said to have a buggy operating system, but that’s usually not with stuff like this. Meh, I had to make up for Joe kickin’ my ass every match some how.

  3. I think if I had taken the test somewhere quiet, I would have done better; I can tell, based on what I missed, that as Beth’s Cafe became more crowded, the quality of my work went down. On one of the questions, I completely misread it and didn’t even cite a rule – two points for what was an obvious answer (in hindsight); this, after I went through to re-read all the rules and make sure they applied.

  4. @Tango, Excellent!

    @Rolf, I’ve been certified in a number of different ways for a long time. And you have your own certifications as well…

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