10 thoughts on “Using a .45 to discipline your teenage daughter

  1. This video is funny as hell.

    The guy is a bit over the top and one could question his wisdom, but I don’t agree with the many commenters on other sites who want to tell others how to parent their teenagers. He has every right to destroy a computer that he paid for and owns.

  2. A computer is just a tool (or more often a toy), a possession, nothing more nothing less.

    But character is important. If it takes the removal of toys to build character, that is a small price to pay.

  3. I got it forwarded to me from my oldest daughter. Not sure if the guy will get parent of the year award. I can definitely understand his position. Probably should have addressed the problem a little sooner. 3.7 million views seems a lot.

  4. I showed this to my currently grounded 11 year old darling daughter. She got reeeeaal quiet and thoughtful. Later, out of the blue, she told me that she thought that what the father did was completely right. And pretty cool…. Then again, she’s a bigger gun nut than I am.

    As for the comments, I didn’t read the 140,00 + comments, but the first couple of pages were supportive. And its up to 18 million + views since the 8th.

    I expect to see him on Dr. Phil or other shows anytime now. AND he’s really hit the big time…there’s a parody.


  5. Right, it’s his computer he can do what he wants with it. And plenty of people have had the urge to do what he did, that’s fine. But it’s out there on the ‘net as parenting… he put it out. So it seems reasonable to me that other parents would comment. I don’t want to tell anybody else how to raise their kid, but at -my- house we consider revenge a dish best served by a well paid waiter in a fine restaurant. And at my house the sale of that machine would have taken me and my wife out to some world class Seattle dining. (And the gun nut in me get’s hives when people, even rightly angry people, say stuff like “exploding hollow point bullets” jeesh.) -Boyd

  6. Where I appreciate his straightforward approach, I was bothered by the apparent firearm safety rule #4 violation. “Know your target and what’s behind (in this case beyond) it.” Anyone else notice the road running perpendicular to his firing line?

  7. It appears to me that the only thing behind his target is the ground. That 7900 miles (or so) of dirt generally serves as a pretty effective backstop for “exploding hollowpoint bullets”.

    100% in agreement with his approach. I work with kids in a state juvenile detention facility, and virtually everyone of them would have benefitted greatly from this kind of hands on approach to parenting.

    It appears that prior efforts at less restrictive parenting didn’t have the desired effect, so extreme intervention was indicated.

    He has also announced that no one in the family will be appearing on ANY talk shows or be interviewed beyond what has been done. He feels it would not be beneficial in correcting his daughters actions for anyone to benefit in any way.

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