Technical problems

As I mentioned last month and Kevin noted earlier today I have been having some problems with my hosting provider. I finally had the time to call them while the site was down. At first they were looking just at the blog software but I managed to head them off by pointing out that the very simple web app was also down. Confusing them further was that was working just fine.

They finally agreed that something was wrong with the ASP.Net portion of their server and they “created a ticket” for the problem. In the minutes that followed it appeared they temporarily changed some configuration files for diagnostic purposes and then everything came up.

In the most recent contact I had from them they said it should be fixed in 24 to 48 hours. That mean would the problem should be fixed no later than about Tuesday January 17, 15:00 PST. If you see this site is down for more than a minute or two after that send me an email so I can investigate and escalate as needed.


Update: I received two identical email from tech support, 10 minutes apart, saying they “have recycled the Application Pool” and all is well. I’m not entirely convinced this was the problem since the probably has come and gone many times in the last couple of months. Let me know if it appears to have gone down again.


Update2: I’m still having problems. My provider suggested some changes on my end that will take a couple hours. I won’t be able to get to that until at least late tonight. You can hold off on the reports of outages for a couple days.



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  1. I do know that when checking the page from my Android, eight times out of ten, it will force close my browser, requiring me to come back through bookmarks or history. I will then stop the loading as soon as text is up, denying it further loading. That works to stop the browser close.

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