Defensive knife class: +1

Caleb does a review of the Insights Training Defensive Folding Knife classes.

I haven’t taken the second class but I took the first one twice. Once by myself and the second time with the rest of my immediate family. I told my kids they couldn’t go out on a date until they took the class.

And for Christmas last year I gave daughter-in-law Kelsey a Spyderco Delica. I toyed with the idea of giving her a gift certificate for the class this year but son James and I need to work on her mindset a little bit more before we go there.

This class, actually all Insights classes that I have taken, is highly recommended.


3 thoughts on “Defensive knife class: +1

  1. Looks like a great seminar. Curious, do they give tips to train at home after you complete the class? I studied Kali, Escrima and Silat for 15+ years and was never able to make a technique “mine” until I had practiced over and over again. Another thing I learned is how quickly life can get serious with a knife. I honestly beleive, if given a choice, I would rather face a gun than a determined assailent with a knife.

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