Best study to date on frequency of sexual thoughts

Urban myth has it that the average man thinks of sex once every seven seconds. If you give that a little bit of thought and if necessary pull out the calculator to crunch a few numbers you will realize that just can’t be true. I mean, when would a guy have time to think about food, sleep, and his guns if he was thinking about his penis that frequently? Some would say that we combine the penis and guns thoughts hence there really is time for everything.

But that can’t explain things for men who are are lacking a gun of their own so Terri Fisher, PhD, professor of psychology at The Ohio State University at Mansfield did a study on thoughts of food, sleep, and sex. Apparently she was working on a limited budget and was unable to include thoughts of guns in her study. The results are still interesting and it is claimed:

This is the best study to date looking at frequency of sexual thought,” says Janet Hyde, PhD, professor of psychology at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. She reviewed the study but was not involved in it.


The bottom line is that college aged men think about sex, on the average, about 19 times a day. This is about once every 50 minutes during waking hours. Women think about sex, on the average, about 10 times a day or about once every 96 minutes.

But the more interesting result is that while the averages differed by almost a factor of two the variations were huge for both genders. The men had as many as 388 sexual thoughts per day and the women as many as 140. This means that unless you are a guy with very frequent thoughts of sex or a woman with very infrequent thoughts of sex there is probably enough overlap in the population such that you can find someone who thinks about sex about as frequently as you do.

At least that is what their research indicates. One woman I know recently told me she keeps an inverter in her car to power her Hitachi Magic Wand at stoplights. She probably needs to find about a half dozen high end guys to keep pace with her. She is probably stretching the bell curve so far that the bell would ring ultrasonic if I were to ping it with my gun.


5 thoughts on “Best study to date on frequency of sexual thoughts

  1. I wonder with Senior if the thoughts of food goes through the roof. Seems my parents and grand parents are always asking us if we ate, when we want to eat next, where or what we want to eat next, and how nice that last meal was.

    BTW this got me to Giggle: “She isn’t sure where that seven-second figure originated. However, it has persisted. ”

    Dr. Arthur Kellerman could not be reached for comment!

  2. The trick isn’t the frequency. It’s getting the timing to coincide close enough that you and your partner think about it at the same time. If she’s thinking about sex and you’re thinking about guns. Then you’re thinking about sex and she’s thinking about baking it ain’t happening. Now maybe if you’re thinking about sex and she’s thinking about your gun it will work out. What are the statistics for two people simultaneously thinking about sex.

    I would also be interested to hear from her study if the numbers were from random thoughts or if there was outside stimulus provided. A good looking woman or man walking by, smells, viagra ads, etc.

  3. These studies are a crock, done mainly to keep people busy, and making money, who have nothing else to offer society. The phrase, “count to ten without thinking of a rabbit” comes to mind. If they were funded 100% by private donations I’d be OK them though– you all have the right to throw away your own money, but leave mine the hell alone or else.

    I am impressed that there’s a 110VAC powered vibrator though. I wonder if they’re rated in horsepower. Has anyone ever been ticketed for using a vibrator at a stop light? Surely that would be more distracting than using a cell phone. Where’s the media hit campaign on vibrator use by drivers? Inquiring minds want to know, damn it.

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